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: CA LLS FOR MIXOLOGY: B o b M a rl e y a M a rga r Si it lver Tequila FIN NO ISHMENT K UR ESTA BL O Y IS T A H W d the patio Avión arga rita mix, m e lim en oz fr of r Avion, a layo layer of frozen a d an , ix m a rit ga ango mar ar shot of Avion. ec d si a layer of frozen m a a ith w ed rv se mix rasp berry marga rit 12 Main Street S #100, Stillwater T: 3 D BA R BIE A W N FOR: The food, a mbience an s? ers do it on the rock d en rt ba ow kn u yo “Did TION: P LINE: R ATTEN BEST PICK-U TO GET YOU G IN H T G Y IN MOST A NNO r with their money ba e th on p ta le op : When pe A BOUT YOU ULD KNOW O H S E L P O W H AT PE a good drink d make I’m fu nny, honest, an cycle, ca mping, traveling iding motor cer! HOBBIES: R I’m an excellent dan N TA LENT: HIDDE ICE: ENDER A DV SAGE BA RT ga nized ba r K eep a clea n and or Ba rbie Visit us at: www.tequilaavion.com 2   citypages.com   may 4–10, 2016 Avión® Silver Tequila. 40% Alc./Vol. (80 Proof) Product of Mexico. ©2016 Imported by Tequila Avión, New York, NY. Taste Responsibly.

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