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FOOD Top Valu liquors 1th / 5:30-8pm / 4950 Central ave store May 1 beer TasTing EntEr A FrEE rAFFLE to win A KinG GriLLEr AKorn KAmAdo KooKEr free in-sTore Ray Roberts: “I always had to get a lot of dessert going first.” AP PHOTO/KEVIN BURBACH over 30 Different Craft and imported beers no purchase necessary. need not be present to win. says Ray, “and it made him really happy. I don’t think that [level of satisfaction] was easy for him to get.” Was he a perfectionist? Yes. And that was just fine with Ray and Juell. “He didn’t want anyone around him that was just stagnant because he wasn’t stagnant. He wanted you to be better every day. He kept you on your toes — never in a bad way. Always in a good way.” That said, they had to be ready for whatever at all times, and corner-cutting was not tolerated. “He liked honesty. If something went wrong, I had to come forward,” Ray remembers. Once, there was a smudge on the outside of a package in which he had left an overnight meal. When he arrived to work the next day, Prince was in the kitchen waiting. He pointed at the smudge, and simply gave Ray the two-fingers-to-the-eyes “I’m watching you” gesture. It was one of only three times Ray got in trouble for anything. The other was for lateness, and once, for leaving a cake out of place. “His personal refrigerator was organized like it was staged for a photo shoot.” They say they saw a lot of employees come in and out of the doors. “The people who weren’t cutting it? Yeah, their lives sucked there. But he was an honest gentle-man. If he ever made you wait, he always apologized. He got doors for you. You never wanted to disappoint him.” So they didn’t disappoint. But the million-dollar question: What did he like to eat? His soft spot was sweets. “I always had to get a lot of dessert going “He kept you on your toes — never in a bad way.” first.” Cakes, cookies, sour cream apple coffee cake, chocolate mousse, caramel sea salt cake, chocolate macadamia nut cookies. “Some nights that’s all he had to eat.” He was a disciplined eater, though, sometimes having only a single bite. And sorry, vegans, he wasn’t a member of your tribe after all. But he was a vegetarian. Meat was among the “long list” of items they were not to use, along with onions, Feta cheese, and mushrooms. But Roberts confesses that he fed Prince onions every night, finely minced. “It was a textural thing. He just didn’t want to think about it.” They had to compile that list of “don’ts” often by deciphering code: “He’d leave a single pepper on a plate, and that meant: no more peppers. A less observant person would have missed the signs.” Or sometimes, he’d leave them a note in the kitchen about something he par-ticularly liked, and it was always in the hieroglyphic writing he was famous for— an eyeball drawn out instead of “I,” for instance. “I’d think, I’ll make it again if I can figure out what it is!” Ray saved all those notes. He came away from the job with few other mementoes, taking care never to filch even a stray guitar pick, regard-less of the intense temptation. Prince was ever-observant, and they never wanted to fall into a test or a trap. “Prince didn’t do drama,” says Juell. Other favorite dishes were roasted pob-lano peppers with pinto beans, fresh corn tortillas, and avocados; minestrone soup; veggie wraps; edamame dumplings; and, though he didn’t eat cheese very often, a cheesy pasta. Spicy foods and Indian spring Craft beer Tasting sale May 9 th – May 21 st all beers from the Tasting on sale! Great Low Prices on All Sale Packages! May beer speCials prices good through 6/4/16 Summit 12pk bottles (all types) --------------$11 .97 coronas 12pk bottles & cans ---------------$11 .97 Modelo & negra Modelo 12pk bottles ----$11 .97 natural Ice & light 24pk cans ------------$12 .97 Keystone light 24pk cans ----------------$12 .97 Mikes hard lemonade 12pk bottles & cans --$11 .97 Sierra nevada 12pk bottles & cans (all types) --$11 .97 Session 12 12pk bottles (all types) -----------$8 .97 pacifico 12pk bottles -----------------------$11 .97 victoria 12pk bottles -----------------------$11 .97 Blue Moon 12pk bottles & cans (all types) ----$11 .97 truly hard Sparking Water 6pk bottles (all types) --$7 .97 plus many more packages at great low prices! top valu on central ave 4950 Central Ave, Columbia Heights 763.706.3819 top valu 37th ave 2105 37th Ave, Columbia Heights 763.706.3813 check out our website at www.topvaluliquor.com or like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all of our specials and events! MAY 4 –10, 2016   CITYPAGES.COM   21  

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