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FOOD Best rosé wine selection in the city Over 100 Selections from around the world. Specializing in local craft, beer, cider, and spirits. Something new every week! Affordable wines ranging from the familiar to the esoteric. Smart, friendly staff! Tuesdays – Beer Tastings 4-7pm Fridays – Wine Tastings 4-7pm One of Ray and Juell Roberts’ restaurants TOM WALLACE, STAR TRIBUNE cuisine were also big, along with fresh juices and smoothies, lentils, chickpeas, and dark greens. Though he rarely requested anything too out of the ordinary, Ray says he still had to be ready for anything. There was a month where everything had to be raw. “Then I think he forgot the assignment, because when I deliv-ered the soup, he asked, ‘Why is my soup cold?’ I said: ‘It’s raw.’ He said, ‘I’m going to stick to having hot soups from now on.’” The couple laugh at the memory. But for the most part, Ray had carte blanche to cook what he liked for the artist — they had a nice little groove going. Prince called Ray a “master.” “If he liked what you did, he put you on a pedestal. It’s one of the beautiful things he did for people.” And when he really liked something, he’d always smile and say: “That was deli-cious.” Juell, still red-eyed from days of crying, smiles at the memory. Prince lived on site, and the kitchen was adjacent to the sound studio, so the biggest treat of all for Ray was hearing the music, every day, loud and clear in the kitchen. “This last year he was always working. Almost always playing piano. He was des-tined to be the next Ray Charles on tour.” (Prince had been embarking on his “Piano and a Microphone” tour, and Roberts says Prince was studying Ray Charles videos for inspiration. He says Prince would regularly play three seconds of a song, dozens of times in a row, to get it right.) But despite the diligent work, the last few months had been worrisome for Ray. “If he liked what you did, he put you on a pedestal.” “The last few months he had the flu or a cold, always. There was always something going on. He was off his game and needed to rest. I had to be careful about what I was serving him.” Prince was more frequently requesting foods that would help him to feel better, or something easy for his throat, or foods that made him feel like he was being nourished. And on the Monday before he died, he made an unusual request: a crudite plate with eda-mame hummus. “He ordered it like he was ordering something from a restaurant,” which seemed odd to Ray — it was something Prince almost never did. But they couldn’t have ever guessed that a few months of Prince being under the weather and issuing unusual requests would end this way. So much possibility has been truncated. There were plans for a greenhouse and a sustainable garden that will never be real-ized. They were preparing to join Prince on tour. There was so much more he was going to do, the couple says. Now they’re not even sure what to do with themselves. “I hadn’t stopped moving since I started working for Prince three years ago,” Ray says with a faraway stare. “The day Prince died I stopped moving. It was my dream job. I loved every minute of it.” They say they’ll always remember Prince tooling around the grounds of Paisley Park on his bike, wearing platform shoes, maybe sipping an iced coffee. Ray and Juell Roberts still own and oper-ate Peoples Organic restaurant at several locations. ç The Anchor Fish & Chips 2315 18th Ave NE • Mpls, MN 55418 On the corner of 18th & Stinson. Right behind the Quarry Shopping center. (Target & Cub) www.stinsonwbs.com • 612.789.0678 Try the Best Lamb Shank in town! arina M g i B Grill & Deli greek -Mediterranian -aMerican Sun–Thur 9am-10pm • Fri–Sat 9am-11pm 4755 Central Avenue • Columbia Heights 763.571.0222 Featured on our buffet, daily! buy two gyro sandwiches Valid Mon-Thu only. Good only at Columbia Heights location. Expires 5/10/2016. Not valid on holidays. Get One FREE! buy one buffet Valid Mon-Thu Only. Good only at Columbia Heights location. Expires 5/10/2016. Not valid on holidays. Get One FREE Lunch or Dinner Keeping your weekends fresh. @CityPagesstreet @CityPages #CityPages MAY 4 –10, 2016   CITYPAGES.COM   23  

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